The Real Last Post For Social Media!

I was a little disappointed in my last post as it was the last post required for my social media calls. I had a little bit of time yesterday (which was my birthday) to hit up CVS. Here is how it went down!



  •  4 Bottles of Eucerin , $5.00 Each
  • Deal is Spend $20, Get $10 AND buy 2 or more and they are $5 each!
  • I used 4 $2/1MFC  and 1 $1/$8 hand and body lotion MCM
  • 2 Bottles of Clean Mens Shampoo, Clearance price $1.74 Each
  • Used 1 $3/2 MCM
  • 2 Bags of M&M’s, Sale price $1.98 Each (These are being donated to make gingerbread houses!)
  • Used 1 $1/2 MFC
  • 1 Conair Brush $7.79
  • 1 package of Scruncii Hair ties, $2.99
  • Deal is Spend $10, Get $5
  • 1 Sally Hansen’s Nail treatment, Clearance price $1.75
  • 1 Sally Hansen’s Lip Balm, Clearance price $1.25
  • (These two hit my Beauty Reward! Ill be getting another $5 tomorrow!)

Subtotal without tax: $67.74

After clearance, sales, discounts and $8 EB, total OOP with tax: $20.34

Got back $15 EB! Ding! Now I”m done! Thank you Donald, I had an awesome time in your class!


Crazy Slow Week!


Well on top of finals, a water pipe bursting and illness in my neck of the woods, sales this week SUCK! Or maybe I just haven’t had enough time to really search out for better deals. Oh’z well’s!

Stopped in Dollar Tree today and this is all I got. But hey! Free is free!

  • 4 Boxes of Playtex Tampons, 4 ct. $0.99 each
  • Used 4 $1/1 MFC

Total: $0.00!

Rackin Up the Savings at Safeway!


More and more, I seem to be having awesome luck of timing at Safeway. I went in this morning because for some god awful reason I was OUT OF COFFEE!!! AAaahhhhh!! So needless to say I wasn’t really looking for any other deals besides coffee, but then, *LIGHT BULB!* I remember one of my favorite cashiers telling me there were going to be a few resets done in the store yesterday and that always means clearance! So I ended up not getting coffee, (None were a good enough deal for me) but I still had my coupons with me so I grabbed some Starbucks and hit the isles. Here is what I got today.


  • 2 Fabreze with Gain room sprays $2.79 each
  • Used a B1G1 Free MFC
  • 1 Gain dish washing soap, $1.99
  • Deal is Buy 3, Save $3
  • 2 Fresh room sprays, reg $1.69, 50% sticker brings each one down $0.85

Subtotal: $9.26

Total OOP after B1G1, Buy 3 Save $3, and 50% stickers, with tax: $3.77! Less than $1 each!

Not to shabby!

Small Haul, Big Savings!


I know this is one of my smallest posts, but I have been beyond busy with school, work, personal obligations, and Black Friday shopping that I just didn’t have the energy to do a big haul today.

CVS Transaction:

  • 2 Simple Facial Scrubs, $8.29 Each
  • Spend $15, Get $5 EB

I used 1 $2/1 Simple Face Wash, 1 $3/1 Simple Face Wash, and $10.34 Extra Bucks

Total with Tax OOP: $2.50, Got back $5 EB

Black Friday at CVS

Teeheehee!! I Absolutely LOVE CVS!!!!!  This years Black Friday add was not as good as last year, but goodies are goodies!


Transaction #1:

  • Starbucks Refreshers, 12 oz $1.50
  • Buy 2, Receive $3.00 EB, Limit 1
  • Pay $3.00, Receive $3.00 EB
  • CVS Total Home Laundry Detergent $1.79
  • Buy 1, Receive $1.79 EB
  • CVS Pantiliners $0.99
  • Buy 1, Receive $0.99 EB, Limit 1
  • Whoppers $0.99
  • Buy 1, Receive $0.99 EB, Limit 1
  • Kraft Macaroni & Cheese $0.99
  • Buy 1, Receive $0.99 EB, Limit 1
  • Orbits Gum $1.00
  • Buy 1, Receive $1.00 EB
  • CVS Training Pants, 2 ct, $0.99
  • Buy 1, Receive $0.99 EB
  • Sparkle Single Roll Paper Towel $1.00
  • Buy 1, Receive $1.00 EB
  • 5 Gum $1.00
  • Buy 1, Receive $1.00 EB
  • Children’s Advil, 1 OZ  $2.37
  • But 1, Receive $2.37 EB
  • Used $1.50 MFC
  •  Paid $0.87, Received $2.37 EB
  • U Glade Scented Oil Warmer, $1.25
  • Buy 1, Receive $1.25 EB
  • Mycratine Migraine Relief $4.99
  • Buy 1, Receive $4.99 EB

Subtotal: $24.58

Used a $14 EB and a $4 EB (The $4 EB would only let me use $3.96 because I have to pay all taxes in CA.)

Total OOP: $1.44 in taxes, Received $19.36 EB!


  • 1 Right Guard Xtreme Deodorant, $2.99
  • Buy 1, Receive $2.00 EB

Total OOP: $1.30 in taxes! Received $10 EB!

So some of the items may not have been name brand, but they will all be used.

Getting ready for Black Friday!


So since Black Friday is right around the corner, sales and deals have really slowed down. I had to make the best of what was available and this was what I came up with at CVS.


  • 1 U Kotex Tampons, 18 count $3.99
  • Buy 1 Get $2 EB, Limit 1
  • 2 Crest Pro Health Toothpastes, $2.99 each
  • Buy 1 Get $2 EB, Limit 2
  • 10 Cover Girl Single Eye Shadows, $3.99 each
  • Spend $20 (before coupons) Get $7 EB, Limit 2

Subtotal without tax: $49.87


  • $1/1 Kotex
  • 2 $0.50/1 Crest Toothpaste
  • 4 $4/2 Cover Girl Eye Cosmetic Items
  • 2 $1.50/1 Cover Girl Eye Cosmetic Items
  • $12 EB

Total OOP with tax: $21.87, Got Back $20 EB!! Not to bad!!



Now on to Walgreens. I haven’t been shopping here much but a new one just opened in Rohnert Park so I thought I would head in and check it out.


  • 4 Renuzit Air Freasheners, $0.89 each
  • B1G1 Free
  • 4 Wet ‘n’ Wild Nail Polishes, $0.99 each
  • B1G1 50% Off

Subtotal without tax: $4.74


  • 1 $0.55/3 Renuzits
  • 4 $1/1 Wet ‘n’ Wild product

Total OOP with tax: $0.80! I didn’t get and RR, but I’ll take freebies any day!

Changing things up a bit

Just a little family love!

photo 1

So I would like to change things up for this post. These are collages I have been working on that are almost completely done.

I feel it is safe for me to add this to my couponing blog since I got all of the paper, stickers, and bling at a minimum of 75% off at Michael’s.

And I got 150 pictures for free on CVS’s website a few months ago.

photo 2

My family is amazing, and not to mention, we have some very beautiful babies!

Our family is small, but we make up for it with tons of love!

photo 3

Obviously, these pictures were taken over time. As you can tell from all the chubby babies who are all now HUGE!

I tell them to stop growing all the darn time, but no one listens to me!


photo 4

Here is one of the laser cut frames I got from Michael’s that I have painted a metallic purple.

Each one of the collages is going to have one and then I cant wait to hang them in my living room!

Yay for being creative!